NXP TDA7056A 3 W BTL Amplifier with DC Volume Control - LOT of 25

LOT of 25 pcs x Genuine NXP TDA7056A 3 W BTL mono audio output amplifier with DC volume control

The TDA7056A is a mono BTL output amplifier with DC volume control. It is designed for use in TV and monitors, but also suitable for battery-fed portable recorders and radios.

Part Condition : NEW
iNeedParts part number : TDA7056A
Part Code : TDA7056A
Packaging : Tube contain 25 pcs

Missing Current Limiter (MCL)
A MCL protection circuits is built-in. The MCL circuit is activated when the difference in current between the output terminal of each amplifier exceeds 100 mA (typical 300 mA). This level of 100 mA allows for headphone applications (single-ended).

Features :
• DC volume control
• Few external components
• Mute mode
• Thermal protection
• Short-circuit proof
• No switch-on and off clicks
• Good overall stability
• Low power consumption
• Low HF radiation
• ESD protected on all pins.

Functional Description:
The TDA7056A is a mono BTL output amplifier with DC volume control, designed for use in TV and monitor but also suitable for battery-fed portable recorders and radios.
In conventional DC volume circuits the control or input stage is AC coupled to the output stage via external capacitor to keep the offset voltage low.
In the TDA7056A the DC volume stage is integrated into the input stage so that coupling capacitors are not required and a low offset voltage is maintained. At the same time the minimum supply voltage remains low.
The BTL principle offers the following advantages:
• lower peak value of the supply current
• the frequency of the ripple on the supply voltage is twice the signal frequency

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