Magnetron LG MJ3965BPS

Genuine Magnetron for LG MJ3965BPS Microwave and Other Models.

Part Condition : USED (see details)
iNeedParts part number : MW.MG.001.US
Part Code : 2M286, 21TBGH, G1804-194503.
Compatibility : LG MJ3965BPS Microwave LB8088HLC LB8088HRB MA3882Q MC-3180W MC-3186IXC MC-8088HLC MC-8088HRB MC8088HL MC8088HLC MC8088HR MC8088HRB MC8088HRC MC8088HRS MC8180HC MC8180HCS MG6088HLC MG6088HRC MH-3181WR MH6535GDB MH6535GDH MH6535GDR MH6535GDS MH6535GIH MH6535GIS MH6535GPH MH6535GPS MH6565CIR MH6565CPS MH6565DIS MH6595CIS MH6595DPS MH6595GIH MH7235GDR MH7235GIB MH7235GPH MH7235GPS MH7265CPS MH7265DDH MH7265DDS MH7265DPS MH7295DDR MH7295DDS MH7665CPS MJ3965ACR MJ3965ACS MJ3965AIS MJ3965BCR MJ3965BIB MJ3965BIH MJ3965BIS MJ3965BPH MJ3965BPS MP-3287NB MP-3287SL MP-3288WF MP-3297IXC MP-9280NBV MP-9280NC MP-9280W MP-9287NL MP-9485NB MP-9485S MP-9485SB MP-9485SL MP-9485SR MP-9485SRB MP-9485SRS MP-9485SS MP-9485ST MP-9485SW MP-9489NBC MP-9883SL MP9280JSC MP9287NB MP9287NBC MP9287NC MP9287NL MP9287NLC MP9287NLT MP9287NV MP9289FSD MP9289JS MP9289JSC MP9289NSD MP9297MLC MP9297MLT MP9485S MS2535GDB MS2535GDH MS2535GDS MS2535GIB MS2535GIH MS2535GIS MS2535GISW MS2565CIS MS2595CIS MS2595DIR MS2595DIS MS2595FISW MS2595GIH MS2595GIS MS3235GDR MS3235GIB MS3265DDH MS3265DDS MS3635GIS and Many Others.

Genuine spare part suitable for select models of LG MJ3965BPS Microwave. Please check the suitable model fit list to ensure that this is the correct part for your appliance.

If the Magnetron for your LG MJ3965BPS Microwave has become damaged or useless there's no need to worry about buying a whole new appliance - simply replace it with this spare today. This genuine spare from iNeedParts can be fitted to ensure your old LG MJ3965BPS Microwave is working at its best once again.

 Express Shipment available in the European Union

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